Mike Jacobs - Leicester's funeral celebrant of choice
Mike Jacobs - Leicester's funeral celebrant of choice

Mike Jacobs will work with you to create a unique and meaningful ceremony to honour your loved one ....

What does a funeral celebrant actually do?

An independent funeral celebrant's role is to help bereaved families create a unique funeral service, based around the life of the deceased person, as a personal and heart-felt farewell to their loved one.

Religious or secular ceremony?

Today, many people are unaffiliated to a religion, but still have their own beliefs. Many families are looking for a personal funeral ceremony – often a celebration of life event - that better reflects their values, views, culture and lifestyle.

Words, poetry and music?

Clarity, confidence and compassion are vital parts of a celebrant's role, as is the weaving of words, poetry and music to create a meaningful and memorable ceremony that is both beautiful and authentic.

We say "goodbye" to people every day, but the day that we say the final farewell to a loved one is a day like no other.  A funeral ceremony is an opportunity to tell the story of someone's life, to pay tribute to them, to appreciate the impact their life has made on our world and to say a loving goodbye.

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