Mike Jacobs - Leicester's funeral celebrant of choice
Mike Jacobs - Leicester's funeral celebrant of choice

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Dear Mike,


Firstly, I would just like to thank you for sending through a full copy of Bernard's Service: my family and I will find it a great comfort in the years to come.


I also want to thank you for the truely lovely service that you conducted for Bernard. It was exactly as I imagined it should be and was perfect for Bernard. Although it made us cry, it somehow seemed to capture the essence of  Bernard's life and personality and therefore made us smile as well. I will also forever think of Bernard when I hear those pieces of music.


In your dealings with me and my family you were a total professional - caring and considerate - and the way in which you conducted the service felt unhurried and personal. What more could anybody want at such a difficult and sad time?


Although I am unlikely to need your services again as my family have no links to Leicester anymore, I would definitely recommend you to any of Bernard's friends should the need arise.


Again thank you for you help at a difficult time and best wishes for the future.


P.K., 17 July 2015


Just a few lines to thank you properly for Mum’s service. Everyone said how beautifully it all went, and how the words reflected what they all felt about Mum.  I was relaxed for the first time in several months, knowing that a very safe pair of hands was in control, and all I had to do was listen and absorb everything.  A peaceful day.  Thank you.         A.C. 13 July 2015


I just wanted to say thank you from myself and on behalf of the family for the service on Friday. I received lots of comments about how fitting it was for Mum and how well delivered it was. Feeling confident in you and in Swanns allowed me to concentrate on the meaning of the day.                                                    D.A., 05 July 15


Once again, please let me thank you for conducting the committal in such a wonderful and sincere way.  It was a great comfort.                                            S.S., 26 June 2015


Hi Mike.  I just wanted to express my gratitude for all your help and guidance regarding mum's funeral. It was important to me that those who attended went away with many happy memories of her life and that was achieved by the way in which you conducted the service.  Many commented afterwards that it was a beautiful service. 

Thank you again and best wishes.                                                            S.T. 05 March 2015



I just wanted to say a massive thank you from the family for a wonderful service. So many people mentioned how good you were and how you delivered the service, it was excellent.  Thanks again.  J.O. 23 January 2015



I would like to thank you from my heart to your heart, for such a beautiful service you conducted for my late father.  I was so proud of you and you have such a wonderful way with you that is absolutely beautiful, respectful and just shining.  Its absolutely from the heart   and I felt that.  Thank you so much Mike, I really appreciate what you did, so much.                                             J.M., 17 January 2015



Thank you again so much for all your help and support on Wednesday, The service was very well received by both family and friends.  Again, thank you and best wishes.    L.F. 14 January 2015



Thank you so much for organising and leading a very fitting and sensitive service. We all really appreciated everything you did to make it perfect. The poem reading was especially lovely, thank you again. There were loads of really good things being said about the service as people mingled and chatted.  Kindest regards Mike and God bless too.                                              G.S., 13 January 2015


Thank you so much for the wonderful eulogy for my mother's funeral on 2nd January.

I received many compliments, some saying (if there can be such a thing!) that it was the best funeral service they'd been to.                                                   A.D., 02 January 2015


Hi Mike, many many thanks for your services yesterday, the send off was everything that Margaret would have wished and for and for that I thank you .... Incidentally, several people that attended have asked me for your details, which I have happily passed on.                            B.I., 11 November 2014


'Thank you, Mike, for a wonderful funeral service. Everyone commented on the way you conducted proceedings ''as if you personally knew our mother''.  The Order of Service was put together in the most professional manner with plenty of useful advice, imparted with compassion and understanding'.

M.S. and Family, 15 October 2014


Hi Mike, Thanks for the bound copy of my mother’s funeral service you sent.  I have spoken to Helen at the Co-op and told her that I was pleased with your services.  I also received a number of letters from my family saying how they liked the style of the service. So thank you once again.

A.S., 08 August 2014


"Thank you for a lovely service. It kept us talking for hours, especially the card games and "cakes".                                                                                                                S.T., 08 August 2014


Thank you so much for the way you conducted the funeral, everyone thought it went well, and you made it a warm occasion, which is what we wanted.                                             P.T., 07 August 2014


I just wanted to write to say thank you for writing my late father's eulogy and conducting his funeral service.  It was well thought out, with historical highlights I wasn't aware of.  I smiled at some of them but had a tinge of sadness that I can't share them with him any more.                                                            P.B., 04 August 2014


Hi Mike, thanks again for a wonderful service ....                             J.S., 30 July 2014


"My family and I would like to thank you very much for conducting the service at my father's funeral and for your help in planning the service. Your help and advice from our first meeting up to the end of the service was invaluable. Your attention to detail and ensuring that everything was to our liking was much appreciated and it made the planning of the service much easier for us at this sad time. You provided a very professional service and so once again thank you so much."                                                                                     P.D., 03 June 2014


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